Samsung responds to allegations of throttling and promises an update.

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Samsung has responded to claims that it is restricting the speed of tens of thousands of popular apps, claiming that a software upgrade will give customers back control.

In a response to The Verge, Samsung spokesperson Kelly Yeo stated, “We value the input we receive about our devices, and after careful study, we expect to roll out a software update shortly so consumers can regulate the performance when using game apps.”

Samsung’s reaction comes after allegations that its phones are slowing down approximately 10,000 apps, including social media apps like Instagram and TikTok and games like Genshin Impact. However, popular benchmarking programs like 3DMark did not appear to be affected by the update, suggesting that benchmarks may not correctly reflect the phones’ real-world performance.


“Our top aim is to provide consumers with the finest mobile experience possible,” added Yeo. “The Gaming Optimizing Service (GOS) was created to assist game apps in achieving exceptional performance while successfully managing device temperature. Non-gaming app performance is not managed by GOS.”

Samsung Korea had already issued a statement through its Samsung Members app, which Twitter user Dohyun Kim had translated into English. According to The Verge, Samsung confirmed that the notification was genuine.

Samsung could not provide a specific release date for the update, and also did not address the question of why popular benchmarking apps were not subject to restriction.

Last year, OnePlus, another Android device manufacturer, was caught in a similar predicament, which it claimed as a strategy to improve battery life on its phones. OnePlus, like Samsung, later revealed that consumers would be able to switch this optimization feature on and off.