Power outages are a problem for businesses.

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Small and medium businesses in Rangoon have been forced to shift to industries and factories due to the power outage. A lot of enterprises, particularly manufacturing, are having trouble.

According to Rangoon company owners, there have been power interruptions in the city since the beginning of March, affecting numerous firms that rely on energy and driving up production costs.

Power outages are a concern for small firms, who claim that unless they can manage the rise of the internet and gasoline prices, they will be unable to operate in the long run. Commodity prices will rise as a result of high production and transportation expenses, putting the grassroots at the center of the problem.

All firms in Rangoon, according to business owners, are likely to close if energy generating prices continue to rise.

“If the electricity goes out again, the people’s life will be terrible,” a North Okkalapa resident remarked. Even now, there is no flowing water if there is a power outage. We can still fix the problem if there is no electricity by using charcoal and cooking candles. There isn’t any water available.

In light of this, the military council has ordered a 24-hour blackout in several areas from March 12 to 28.

Due to the inability to use Wi-Fi internet access during working hours, the flow of online work has nearly stopped.

Some employees were forced to work from home during the Kovis-19 period. Working from home is tough owing to a lack of internet connectivity.

“Sisters, we have to work in the WFH residence,” a corporate employee explained. When the power goes off, I can’t use Wifi. “The work is not being done on schedule,” he stated.

Residents of Rangoon claim that prices are growing and that online schooling is having a significant impact on children. Due to the lack of electricity, students are having trouble reading textbooks, which is already approaching 10th grade exams.

The military council’s explanations for the power outage, according to an online food service company, were implausible.

“Power outages are causing a lot of damage right now,” he stated. It will not work if it breaks again. The reasons for the blackout are incredible. With the people’s government, such would not be the case.
The employees joined the CDM after the military coup. The military council has been unable to sustain government and commercial interests as a result of popular protests.
The military council eventually ran out of money and was unable to pay its basic necessities.

Foreign exchange profits have been cut off as a result of the withdrawal of foreign investment, and the military council is scrambling to find new means to create foreign currency.

Economists believe the military council will be unable to tackle the economic crisis unless the political crisis is resolved first.