Over 1.2 million hackers have been banned from Tencent’s PUBG Mobile game in just six days.

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According to Tencent, millions of hackers who hacked into the PUBG Mobile game’s system were banned from playing within a week. Around 48% of all restricted accounts were deactivated as a result of character model updates and the use of aimaimbot to automatically alter target detection thresholds.

In 22 percent of cases, hackers use an X-Ray vision device. As a result of the speed hack, the damage area was lowered from 12 percent to 7%. A list of blacklisted hackers is also included in the report. According to Ranks, Bronze has 38 percent, Silver has 11 percent, Gold has 9 percent, Platinum has 11 percent, Diamond has 12 percent, Crown has 10%, Ace has 6%, and Conqueror has 3%.

With more players than NetEase’s mobile game Knives Out and other features, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the world. PUBG Mobile is estimated to have 600 million users worldwide. Fraud and deception are other issues.

Last week, Tencent introduced a new mode for PUBG Mobile, as well as Patch 1.2, which added new weapons and other improvements. The new mode is called Runic Power, and it gives players several new powers to use for a chicken supper. Late last year, PUBG Mobile returned to India with a $ 100 million investment.

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