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The Russian Miss Universe 2023 revealed that she was shunned by some contestants and threatened by Ukrainian citizens on social networks.

The Miss Universe 2023 pageant has become a place where not only the beauty and attitudes of the contestants can be seen, but also geopolitical conflicts. Especially, due to the shadow of the Ukraine-Russia war, there were problems between Miss Ukraine and Miss Russia.

Regarding the finals of the Miss Universe competition that was held on January 14, Annalini Kova, Miss Russia, said in an interview with the Evening Moscow newspaper that her failure to advance to the final stage of the competition was not related to her ability.

The competition period was very difficult, and Ukrainians insulted him on social media. Miss Russia revealed that she was threatened and heard bad words from her acquaintances in Ukraine.

“Most of the contestants did not favor me because of my home country. Miss Ukraine and Miss Switzerland avoided me like fire,” said Linnikova.

Miss Russia answered in the interview that when many people found out the address of the hotel where the beauty pageants (including her) were staying, there were threats against her, and she was afraid that the threats of physical attacks would come true.

According to him, Miss Ukraine did not want to stand next to him when taking a group photo.

On January 14, the last day of the competition, a Russian missile attack hit a residential building on the Ukrainian side, killing more than 40 people.

Miss Ukraine said that Miss Russia only approached her to take a selfie instead of showing her sadness over her country’s actions.

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